The boat we sailed was equipped with a feathering MAX PROP, which is probably
the single best investment that any cruising sailor could make to improve
performance under both sail and power. Max Props aren’t cheap,
but they’re worth every penny if you’re concerned about performance.

Sailor Magazine

Under sail the MAX PROP will increase sailing speed
by about 15%, the largest difference being noticed
when sailing in light air. When sailing with a fixed propeller
the vessel has to overcome the fixed blade drag,
installing a MAX PROP maximizes sailing performance.

MAX PROP uses a “differential” type design
so all blades open in unison in forward or reverse.
The extraordinary reliability of MAX PROP
has made it an overwhelming choice
for long range cruisers.

The MAX PROP provides 80% greater reverse power
than a comparable fixed blade propeller.
In reverse the blades rotate 180° in ¾ turn of shaft
giving the MAX PROP the same efficiency in reverse as in forward.

The pitch is adjustable on all Max Props.
This allows you to optimize the propeller pitch
to the engine to achieve maximum efficiency.

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