The power and sailing performance of your propeller is all
that you claim, and EXCEEDS OUR EXPECTATIONS.

Ralph Krueger

  • Efficient power
  • Outstanding reverse
  • Ultra smooth operation
  • Low drag
  • Externally adjustable pitch (no need for a haul out)
  • One piece installation (can be done easily by a diver, no need for a haul out)
  • Ideal for heavy displacement cruiser wanting the extra power and smoothness of a 5 blade
With few clicks you can calculate the dimensions and the cost of the right propeller for your boat
2 and 3 blades
Efficient Power
Outstanding Reverse
Reduce Vibrations
Unequaled Reliability
Very Low Drag
Internally Adjustable Pitch
Avoids the application of a shaft brake
Blades to go back in feathering position automatically even without stopping the shaft rotation.
Efficient power

Available from 12 to 47”
for shafts 1 to 3
or metric equivalent
also available for SailDrive

The MAX PROP WHISPER uses five blades to provide quiet operation and impressive thrust. Especially against heavy wind and seas, the fifth blade will maintain boat speed on a heavy vessel. Also, the fifth blade provides a smoother operation quieting down propeller noise on larger applications.

The WHISPER is based on the EASY design, so it ships fully assembled, making installation and pitch changes simple and fast. The pitch is adjustable 2 degree increments, providing the ability to fine tune the loading of the engine. Moreover, pitch adjustment can be done in the water as the propeller does not need to be disassembled to change the pitch.

The WHISPER is designed for larger moderate to heavy displacement vessels. Which can benefit from the extra thrust and quiet performance of a five blade propeller.
Very helpful also in applications where the propulsion system has very reduced space.
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