I never would have expected such a change. Best we can determine,
we've increased performance to weather about 5 degrees and speed by nearly 20%.
Plus, no more prop walk in reverse...

Captain Gordie Morris, Free Spirit


  • Newer blade and hub design
  • Very low sailing drag
  • Great forward power in all conditions
  • Same outstanding revere as the classic.
  • Externally adjustable pitch (no need for a out)
  • One piece installation (can be done easily by a diver, no need for a haul out)
  • Ideal for local and long range cruiser
With few clicks you can calculate the dimensions and the cost of the right propeller for your boat
Avoids the application of a shaft brake
Blades to go back in feathering position automatically even without stopping the shaft rotation.
Efficient power
Efficient Power
Outstanding Reverse
Ultra Smooth Operation
Very Low Drag
Very EASY Installation
Adjustable Pitch

Available from 12 to 47” for shafts
to 3 or metric equivalent
also available for SailDrive

The MAX PROP EASY is a true step forward in MAX PROP design. The ease of installation and simple pitch adjustment make this model a great choice for a wide range of boats. The three blade design provides smooth and efficient power.

The EASY ships fully assembled, making installation similar to a fixed propeller, basically slide it onto the shaft, nut it in place and the propeller is ready to go.

As with all Max Prop’s the EASY pitch is adjustable. With the EASY pitch is adjustable in 2 degree increments, providing the ability to fine tune the loading of the engine. Moreover, pitch adjustment can be done in the water as the propeller does not need to be disassembled to change the pitch.

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