Since 3 years I have a 3-blade MaxProp on my Moody 42 and she´s a new boat
compared with the old fixed 3-blade! I get 0,5 - 0,7 knots more speed under sail.
No need to apply the shaft brake. Much better thrust in reverse.
A quite considerable propwalk is almost gone. By fine-tuning the pitch
I now get same cruising speed as before but at 250 rpm lower revs.

Aunnarsilins YBW forum - Stockholm/Sweden

  • Streamlined original design
  • 40 years of proven performance and reliability
  • Lowest sailing drag of any feathering propeller
  • Outstanding reverse power
  • Internally adjustable pitch
  • 2 Blade is ideal for racing boats and smaller cruising boats
With few clicks you can calculate the dimensions and the cost of the right propeller for your boat
2 and 3 blades
Efficient Power
Outstanding Reverse
Reduce Vibrations
Unequaled Reliability
Very Low Drag
Internally Adjustable Pitch
Efficient Power
Outstanding Reverse
Ultra Smooth Operation
Very Low Drag
Very EASY Installation
Adjustable Pitch
The original MAX PROP was designed in the early 70’s for the high tech race boat market. Since proving itself in the racing arena, the Classic MAX PROP has earned its way into the mainstream market as the leader in low drag propellers. Today you will find the Classic MAX PROP on a wide range of vessels from model 25 foot daysailer to 161’ Bluenose II.

The new model offers a new further hydrodynamic of the profile in the feather position and precision in the determination of the pitch, further more we have to underline that contrary to other type of propellers the Max-Prop's does not open the blades for centrifugal force, therefore has not need of strong accellerations and sharp shocks.

Available from 11” to 22”
for shafts ¾” to 1¼”
or metric equivalent
also available for SailDrive

While satisfying the racer with low drag, it's efficencyunder power in both forward and reverse is sure to please all. Available diameter from 11" to 22" and for shafts from 19 mm to 35 mm to suit any type of marine sailing vessel.

With the world wide acceptance and use of sail drive units, MAX PROP has succesfully developed both a two blade propeller which adapts to the spline of the drive unit with no modifications. The user will experience the same advantages as a classic MAX PROP, low drag, superior forward propulsion and unsurpassed reverse power.

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