Handling the boat in locks, slips, and marinas becomes a pleasure instead of a nightmare.
The Max Prop is one of the best investments you can add to a boat
and should be offered as an option by all sailboat manufactures.

Richard H. Heat


The MAX PROP propeller has been realised in Italy by Bianchi Srl (now MAX PROP Srl.) in 1975 and has solved the age-old problem of the motor propulsion for sailing yachts. Until this innovative product appeared on the market the alternative given by the traditional propellers was : either having good engine performance with high drag during sailing, or better speed when sailing (sensibly faster, thanks to the low drag of the prop in the water) with low engine performance, especially in reverse.

The MAX PROP propeller has solved the problem succesfully thanks to a new device:

  • When driving the blades take the pitch chosen during the assembling in a totally automatic way, and with an identical angle in their forward position and in their reverse position (optimising this way the performance of the prop both when driving and when manoeuvring in the port).
  • When sailing instead the blades set , in a totally automatic way, in their feathering position (this way they reduce their drag in water remarkably).

T he solution to this important problem is at the origin of the success that MAX PROP has achieved, so to become world wide leader in this field. We may rightly state that even today all the most prestigious sailing yachts in the world choose a MAX PROP which is still unrivalled. To obtain the above mentioned results the propeller has been planned to mediate between two opposite but equally important requirements. On one side the ideal prop has to have a good mechanical resistance, and a good efficiency under power, comparable to that of a well dimensioned traditional fixed prop, on the other side the new propeller must have a good Hydrodynamic profile with very thin sections to reduce as much as possible the drag when sailing Please consider that we are producers of propellers only and not designers of the whole marine propulsion systems. We usually supply the propellers with the dimensions we are asked, according to the order of the customer, even though,if required, we can give our suggestions, as it often happens.


Ever since the MAX PROP propellers have been projected with the best instruments in order maximize efficiency, realized with the best materials and machined with high precision CNC technology. Entirely produced in Italy with specialized labor.


MAX PROP propellers on one hand must have a good mechanical resistance, and good engine efficiency, and on the other hand must have a good hydrodynamic profile, with very small sections in order to reduce to the minimum the drag during the sailing. One of the main feature which enabled MAX PROP to reach this goal has been the research and the supply of the best material to realize the mechanisms of the propeller.
In fact the material used for the production of all the MAX PROP propellers needs to have great resistance to marine corrosion, resistance to dynamic and static stress, and resistance to wearing.
After plenty of test and trials it has been found that the best material which responds to all these characteristics is a special bronze with high resistance.
The characteristics of this bronze offer, other than a great resistance to marine corrosion, a good strength along with a good toughness (resistance to impacts).


The MAX PROP is the constant result of important and revolutionary studies, as demonstrated by a extraordinary quantity of patents national and international, registered over the years in the most important countries of the world from Europe to the United States passing through Cina.
Every years ever since 1975 MAX PROP invests important resources in research and development and this constant attention to innovation is periodically rewarded by various institutions which have repeatedly awarded MAX PROP for its patents.

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